International Real Estate Advisory & Consulting

Institutional Advisory & Consulting Engagements - Commercial Property Owners Tax Credits

International RE Advisory & Consulting Engagements for Sophisticated Investors, Urban Planners, and Developers

We assist property owners looking to build new construction hotels, luxury retirement communities, student housing projects and luxury residential developments.  

Whether you’re a REIT/PERE looking to modify your portfolio due to updated investment criteria/strategy, represent a SWF focused on discrete foreign direct investments, an (U)HNW family seeking a 1031 exchange or confidentially purchasing your next off-market trophy property, an institutional investor searching for another institutional-grade property, or a real estate developer capitalizing on a zoning ordinance change, our seasoned experts are here to ensure your objectives are met.  

To discuss your specific consulting needs, please contact us in confidence at  We look forward to serving you.